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Maria Katsanouli, Narrator

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Maria Katsanouli studied Physics of Interpreting and she dealt with Renewable Energy from the love of philosophy inherent in nature.  She worked in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and higher education. 

Following desires and seeking ways to fulfill her dream she attended seminars of Kinesiology and Phonology by Maria Panoutsou and Creative Writing  with Christina Economides and with Kostas Stoforos.  She also attended Storytelling and Symbolic Approach tales by Lili Lamprelli, the person who introduced her to the hidden charm of the tale and the narrative and short and fragmentary Storytelling courses by Anthi Thanou, Agne Stroumbouli, Stelios Pelasgos and Sasa Voulgari and the lessons of the first course at the Storytelling Center Study and Dissemination of Myths and Folktales too.

Narratives have been performed at open meetings and festivals of storytelling in Athens, Kea, Mytilene, Kalipefki and in Trikala and events at Municipal Libraries, Schools, Voluntary Institutions, Art Galleries and Music Bar.

From 2011 to 2014, she curates, in their theater workshop of the Municipal Theatre of Trikala, the StorytellersΆ Laboratory, doing a monthly storytelling for  the young and adults and an Interpretative Approach to Magical Tales for adults, "delivering" folk tales to those who wish to 'receive' them from her own  "sack”

In 2014 she makes the "maliso, listen to a story" site, wishing some Greek oral traditionΆs recorded stories travel the galaxy of the internet all over the world.

From 2016 up today she curates the  "Mithi Mithi Paramithi" workshop, doing a monthly storytelling for children.  

From 2016 up today, she curates the workshop "Ftou kai Vgeno"-a strange "hide and seek" game with the feelings, the worthiness and the skills, through games and storytelling for children.  


Fb:  Maria Katsanouli